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Let’s Dominate Together




Let’s face it, the current you is great. But even great can become undeniable!

Do you feel you are missing that ‘something’ to take your physique to the next level?

Maybe you’ve been following the same training programme for a while but have yet to see any results? 

Maybe you have an ‘idea’ of what it is you should be eating, how many steps you should be doing in a day, how much sleep you should be getting but can’t seem to find the time to put all this into action?

Or maybe you’re just confused by the plethora of information available and want to discover what is best for YOU!

Let me help you reach your next level. No confusion. No BS.


TeamdomiN8 is an Online Coaching service run by Lifestyle & Bodybuilding coach Nathan Brumley.

Nathan is an online coach with 18 years of experience as a senior fitness coach, class instructor, running coach, British Cycling Coach and N8Fitness personal trainer/owner. Even though he is a competitive bodybuilder and coaches individuals to reach the stage, the team isn’t exclusive to bodybuilders alone.

TeamdomiN8 is a squad filled with plumbers, doctors, physios, artists, nurses, students and even a falcon breeder! 

Even though we all have different careers, we all have one undeniable thing in common……. 

To be the absolute BEST versions of ourselves. 

To have physical goals and plans that run cohesively with our personal and professional development.

To own our shit!

Although we are all far from our finished product, we have collectively reached our next level. Let me help in guiding you to yours!

Let’s dominate. Together.