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Creating a more awesome version of you!




At N8Fitness, our aim is to create a more awesome version of you! Think about the long term goal. Where do you see yourself in 3 months, in six months and in 12 months? Have a clear vision of what that new you will look like. Imagine how confident you will be and what sort of life you will be living with a happier, healthier, fitter, fresher and more vibrant version of you!

Personal training with N8Fitness goes way beyond just training. We work on all areas of your life;

  • Stress control

  • Sleep quality

  • Time management

  • Creating healthy and sustainable habits with food and exercise

  • Providing essential knowledge to take back control of your life

A more awesome version of you

Are you ready to make positive changes? Do you have big goals? Are you ready to give your all to achieve these goals?

An investment you put into personal training isn’t an investment in N8Fitness, it is an investment in yourself.

It is the greatest investment you will ever make.

The time is now!

(N8Fitness is a Sheffield & Rotherham based personal training service run by fitness, lifestyle and transformation coach Nathan Brumley. We run sessions at various gyms across the region, as well as home visits, group training, outdoor training and fitness classes)


We design, produce and fully track all training and nutrition plans, meaning you will never receive a ”copy and paste” plan. We work together to produce a lifestyle planner to find optimal times throughout the day for training, eating, prepping food and rest. And to make all this even better, we don’t use spreadsheets or A4 card style programmes, we use TrueCoach; a mobile based app which stores all your workouts and statistics with the touch of a screen! However, we understand that mobile phones can be a massive distraction, so we will also give you a FREE N8Fitness log book to log all your workouts and give you the flexibility to input the data in your own time.

Fitness Classes

A variety of Sheffield Hallam University based fitness classes ran by N8Fitness