My name is Nathan Brumley, 40 years young and a South Yorkshire lad through and through. As most teen lads do, I became a bedroom bicep curler and hit at least 100 sit ups every day during my adolescent years. My Dad was always active and I followed his steps in running. My Dad and I ran and completed the Chicago Marathon together in 2012 which was one of the greatest moments of my life.
My first stab at a career was in music. I was singer/songwriter & guitarist in Sheffield bands Hoyden and then Zapp Brannigan. We did well to be fair, had a few slots at the Leadmill and even had Arctic Monkeys support us more than once. I’d like to say that we split up over musical differences or some Rock ‘N’ Roll drug fuelled spat. But no, truth be told, half the band had kids and walked off into the sunset to live the white picket fence life. That left me with a big decision to make…….where do I go from here?

Fitness always seemed to be a calling for me, especially through hard times. Just after the band split, I fell into a deep depression and fitness seemed to be my guiding light out of the dark. I decided to embark on a career in fitness and obtained my level 3 personal trainer award. Shortly after, I landed a job at Sheffield Hallam University as a senior fitness instructor and class Instructor. I worked at Sheffield Hallam for 15 years, then the covid lockdown presented me with an opportunity to step into self-employment and N8 Coaching was born.


Over the years, I have embarked on many challenges in fitness. I have run the Sheffield Half Marathon four times, the Great North Run twice, New York Marathon, Berlin Marathon, Chicago Marathon and finally Liverpool Marathon. I had a short stint working for British Cycling as ride leader before finally deciding to become a BodyBuilder at the ripe age of 38! 
Although I have always strived to grow and develop both personally and professionally, my ultimate goal is to grow and develop my own team – #teamdomiN8. I give my clients my absolute all and no stone is left unturned. All I ask is for the 3 things – Planning, Persistence and Patience. Are you willing to work with me in producing the best plan possible for you? Will you be relentlessly persistent in achieving your goal and seeing the plan through consistently? Do you have the patience and understanding that this is not an overnight process and that results WILL happen if you put in as much as I will give? If so, let’s start your journey. The time is now!

Let’s reach your next level!